Author Topic: Jaunie ploti ar pool atbalstu  (Read 271 times)


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Jaunie ploti ar pool atbalstu
« on: May 11, 2021, 06:20:11 PM »


Launch estimate update for chia pooling protocol: Currently the 17th of this month for both plot to pool and a pool prototype being out.
This is a bit of a bump out of the plot to pool and a pulling in of the release of a full prototype because the work was more front loaded than I thought at first.
How long it will take for there to be high quality pools once our prototype is out I don't know. Plotting to pool protocol will work then and switching is easy though.
There will never be an official pool but I may link to ones which are credible/low fee/well run/not scammy.
The supported standard pool protocol will support (1) pools being able to allow any rando to join/leave at any time without having to worry about people scamming them and (2) pool users being able to switch at any time with worst case the pool stiffed you what they owed you.
This is far, far better than what people are doing now which is insecure and sketchy as hell. If you've ever given your private keys to a pool my suggestion is to set up a new wallet, move everything to that, and replot everything once the new protocol is out.
As before it won't be possible to take an existing non-portable plot and make it portable without replotting. But old things will continue to work and can of course be replotted.
The benefit of this is that it's a completely general system built on layer 2. Sorry for the need to replot, we got transactions out as soon as we could and that was higher priority than pooling protocol, which we're now getting out as quickly as possible.


Vecie ploti joprojām strādās, tomēr tajos nebūs poolu atbalsta.